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    "Okay, you can really play a greater role, being locked in the office is a waste of resources. You should leave your work to Tieu My My. I'll talk to you alone after Tet." , I'll let you arrange something else." do." Hua Due Duong said with a smile.

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    "I also heard the news. Last night I had dinner with Dean Zhou Fuhai. I heard that Van Lilang also planned to establish an office of the Political Security Bureau in Hengzhou, but was denied by Dean Zhou He sees that. With rich resources in Hunan province, I want to take advantage of the opportunity to make a lot of money."

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    He felt that he had enough guilt, back then, a group of secret agents in the secret service headquarters, Ding Mocun and Li Shiqun, needless to say, were not only military commissars but also members of the Ministry's Standing Committee. Politics. Jinling Government. Even Ma Xiaotian and Su Chengde were both military commissars. Opportunity, until now there is no commissioner.

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    didn't finish the meal until after 12 o'clock at night. Actually, I didn't drink much, I mainly chatted.

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    Boss Dai has a very close relationship with Minister Song. It is impossible to say that Minister Song deflated his crotch because of the fat in the cotton textile industry. That would be rude. Minister Song's help is also the main reason for the development of the Military Control Department, Dai Li still knows how to be grateful.

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    "Your car went to a very high place and picked up Jun Xu. If it weren't like this, could Jun Xu easily be caught? You can't even control your car. Mr. Yongjin, you're really good." there." What are you doing as a minister?!"

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    If you join the Xitian class, everything will change. Li Shiqun will not be able to create obstacles for your future. You will gain extraordinary power and status. Even the secret service and special high schools must cooperate with your work. Would you like to accept this invitation? Hitoyoshi Kawaguchi asked.

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    Contact point for the secret area of the Central Military Command.

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    Establishing a sub-department required approval from the Administrative Yuan, the Plum and Gendarmerie Bureau, and the Ministry of Military Affairs in Shanghai, all of which were easy for Xu Ruiyang, not to mention that the organization was suggested by Yoshitaro Kawamoto himself. , there would be no resistance, so Hou Chengye began preparatory work before receiving the approval documents.

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    Shangdu was in a state of semi-encirclement by Japan, Kaifeng in the east and Muye in the north were Japanese-occupied areas, Bawang city on the south bank of the Yellow River was also a stronghold of the Japanese army. an artillery brigade was deployed.

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    "Businessmen seek profits. Since Haichang Trading Company cannot provide enough raw materials for exchange, Nishida Jiro's Shengtong Trading Company has enough supplies. Over time, these customers of yours will lost. There is no human kindness to speak of. It is pure profit." Ngo Nha Thanh said.

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    First of all, Hikaki Inoue had his own connections in Jinling, such as the second staff section of the mobilized military headquarters, the Anqing General Assembly, etc. The news of his killing was certain was spread by these people.

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    How dare I, a minister ignored by my subordinates, forgive you? With such strong backing, you should keep doing your job! But I warn you, Xu Ruiyang is an important official of the Jinling government, and torture tools are not allowed to be used during interrogation. If you do not provide convincing evidence, you will suffer the consequences! ”At this time, Yongjin Zuo Bizhong hung up the phone. The reason why Yongjin Zuobizhong did not stop this action immediately was also from the headquarters of the Jinling mobilization army. After learning the cause of the incident, he immediately called the headquarters of the Jinling mobilization army. and went to Truong Ha Bien's staff. Zhengsan filed a complaint. However, Masao Kawabe suggested that since the intelligence department of the Ministry of the Army had completed its work, he would take the opportunity to check whether Xu Ruiyang had any problems, so that he could use it with peace of mind in the future. hybrid. Does Zhengsan Hebian suspect Xu Ruiyang? Of course not, he already knew the reason behind the whole thing, and as Xu Ruiyang said, he was arrested as soon as he returned to the Shanghai stock market, so naturally he would no longer Undoubtedly. Of the two considerations, the first is that Nakazu Goto's relationship with the Chief of the General Staff is relatively strong. Dealing with a high-ranking officer is not so easy. Serious mistakes must be made, even if Kawabe Shozo is the Chief of Staff. You can't say withdraw or withdraw, this will make the situation even more serious. In the end, you will have the right to take the initiative. Second, out of his own prudence, Hebian Masamune wanted to use this incident to test Xu Ruiyang's loyalty. If the truth was proven to be a complete fabrication and false accusation, then he would have reasons to refuse, so that no one takes advantage of such things to make false accusations in the future. line four. Demons, demons, are very intelligent, and they are proficient in common games. The people in the intelligence department of the Ministry of Military Affairs in Shanghai felt extremely confused by the situation at hand, the Head of the Gangcun Shisan Special Gendarmerie Department, Lieutenant Zuo personally sat at the scene, and the interrogation of Xu Ruiyang fell into an extremely difficult situation. confused state. One side cannot use torture for interrogation, the other side must present evidence. For the head of the secret service of the puppet Wang government, dealing with such an interrogation is really not too much. easy. Jin Shanyuan was completely unprepared for a normal interrogation! Fortunately, he was also a professional agent, and he did not lack the most basic skills, so he stabilized his mood, and while Gangcun Shisan and Xu Ruiyang were smoking, He quickly sorted out a few. Xu Jun, your Haichang trading company is authorized to carry out smuggling business in the area controlled by the Kuomintang, and you have special status. Has the Military Control Bureau contacted you personally?" Jin Shanyuan asked.

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    The male and female service staff are all Japanese, the women wear kimonos, the Japanese women come here to work, the men wear work clothes, all have undergone strict training, and speak very sternly. There are Japanese military police on duty around and in the yard, and the level of security is very high.

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    Mamoru Shigemitsu continued to serve as Japanese ambassador to the Jinling embassy of the puppet Wang Government, Major General Iwasaki Mino, Minister of Liaison for Mongolia and Xinjiang of the Xingya Academy, served as Minister at Zhangjiakou . Yujo Horiuchi, Consul General in Shanghai, served as Minister in Jinling, and Tajiri Aiyoshi, Minister of Investigation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, served as Minister in Shanghai.

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    The two of us and a group of people at the general office all know what we need to do. Not only we know it clearly, even the people at the Central Government know it clearly, there's no need to hide it. They stood up. straight. Justice, what is there to fear?" Giang Binh Thanh's eyes lit up and immediately agreed to this.

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    Song Haifeng has something related to him, but not at this time, the Shanghai stock market has a solid industrial foundation, the weapons and equipment of the base, and a lot of work needs support from the market. Shanghai stock market.

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    "Regarding the declaration of war, Chairman Wang originally intended to do so on January 20, but Tojo Hideki requested it be on January 15. Currently it is only tentative, and the date is not very precise. It can be brought forward at any time." Zhou Fahai said with a smile.

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    It is not true that if you know in advance that you will be the chief of staff of a seconded army, your salary will at most be half, and the value of the outgoing chief of staff will not be as high.